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About Aviongoo and Aviongoo.com

Aviongoo.com (the blend of words aviation and google) was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing aircraft Buyers with a the most reliable and complete reference to aircraft for sale data in the industry.

Evidence of our commitment to achieving this goal is the FREE access to the full aircraft for sale index listing of all the known aircraft advertised for sale at any one time. The almost 12,000 jets, turboprops, helicopters, single and multiengine aircraft that are available on the world market are viewable on Aviongoo.com in a single easy to sort comparison friendly format.

The Premium Members pay a mere $10 per month to gain access to large volumes of accumulated sales and owner history acquired for most of the almost 800,000 aircraft operating in the world today. Our large volume of history on various aircraft models along with the data management and research tools are used by casual as well as professional aircraft BUYERS.

Currently professional Buyers (Dealer/Brokers) make up only about 18% of Aviongoo.com memberships, casual end user Buyers at about 49% and rest being a mix of lenders, tax assessors, appraisers, FBO’s, MRO’ and a small but growing number of aircraft Owners/Sellers.

As Aviongoo.com grows in popularity Sellers are taking notice and asking for more and better ways ways to show their aircraft to the world of aircraft Buyers.

In order to satisfy the Sellers request for better selling tools, Aviongoo.com developed a revolutionary aircraft selling tool we call, MyReg.Info!

For only $10 per month, MyReg.Info, will blend the registration number of your aircraft you want to sell with an exclusive web site devoted only to your aircraft and it’s market information.

You direct other advertising to that private and secure site containing aircraft specifications and pictures. Your aircraft becomes the focus of web search engines and data retrieval, not the advertiser. Also your private sales web site allows for exclusive and confidential email activity that does not interfere with your current business or private emails. Soon, look for the tab on the main menu bar or send a message of advanced interest to Aviongoo.com today, for more information.

Aviongoo.com was founded with the goal of providing aircraft Buyers, and now Sellers too, with a the most reliable and complete reference to aircraft for sale data in the industry.

Let us know how we’re doing!

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