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Why Upgrade to Premium Aviongoo Membership Status?

An Open Letter:

Welcome to Aviongoo! We want to thank the tens of thousands of visitors that have used Aviongoo in the past. We need to thank representatives from aircraft manufacturers, listings vendors, aircraft dealers, FBO staff and numerous other aviation professionals that have found our aircraft information to be useful over the past 5 years as well.

We also want to thank the many sponsors whose ads have been shown on Aviongoo. We're pretty sure they have benefited far more than we have been compensated. One of them recently sent us an email offering a far better deal. They had been paying a few cents per click and were willing to pay dollars instead just so they would show more often on Aviongoo - things are looking good!

But, today, in this letter, we want to focus your attention on the benefits of becoming a Premium Member of Aviongoo.

Visitors to Aviongoo (i.e. Guests) are the driving force behind our traffic growth. However, the aviation market has decided that easily obtainable aircraft history information is valuable. Dealers, brokers, owners, sellers, other aviation professionals and most importantly, aircraft buyers pay significant amounts of money elsewhere for this historic information. Since Aviongoo provides much of the same information, we decided to establish Premium Memberships. We believe our pricing is extremely competitive and we believe our information access is more immediate, more up-to-date and more easily accessible - especially for aircraft with N-numbers. We are constantly improving information availability and accessibility.

We want you to become a Premium Member. It is a simple process. 1) Become a free member by Registering, 2) Login and visit the Maintenance menu, 3) Use the button on the Membership line of your Security Profile. That's it!

When you are a Premium Member you get access to the following aircraft specific information:

Premium Members have use of the same menu Free Members use including:

Thanks for reading. We hope you have decided to become a Premium Member. We guarantee you that we will be working to add more information, more timely information and more easily accessible information for all Premium Members.