Welcome to our home. Here are the facts from our vantage point.

Our goal is to be the most frequented Aircraft Listings website. We are not print publishers. We know that advertising budgets in the aviation business can be very high. We know that more of you would be more successful if advertising costs were lower. It simply means that your profits will be greater.

We have aviation expertise. We have computer and Internet expertise. We are building Aviongoo to use that knowledge.

We hope that you agree. . . . more of you would be more successful . . .

Top Position Pricing

Our pricing is $10 to put any one aircraft at the top of any model classification for a day. It is a self-service feature - you do not need to call us. Once you have paid your aircraft is listed at the top of your chosen model classification for the next 24 hours. After the 24 hours is up your aircraft may still be listed first or it may be second if someone else has purchased the 'Top Position'. Whenever the 'top position' is available, pay another $10 anytime you want to go back to the 'top position'.

There is another advantage that may be more of even more interest. Once you have entered your information there then exists an automatically generated Spec Sheet including any pictures you may have specified. That Spec Sheet continues to exist even if you only paid $10 once. You can reference the Spec Sheet in emails and telephone conversations.

Aircraft Vertical Banner Ad

In the near future we may be selling the right banner space. Before we do that we need to have sufficient interest. Please send your inquiry to Sales with your specific needs. The minimum price we need for the 'right-hand banner' ad-space is $100 per month. In your request please tell us the specific model_classification pages on which you want to appear and how much you want to commit. Once we get to $100 per month on any one classification page we will notify you via email. The email will contain a PayPal 'Buy Now' button for you to complete the process.

We believe vertical banner ad space will appeal to aviation service suppliers. However, we are not opposed to an ad containing aircraft information.

Aviation Vertical Banner Ad

You may buy a Skyscraper Ad for any of the approximately 9000 pages of very specific "aviation products and services" web pages. Each topic is separated by geographic location so you can be the top dog in your state for each particular products or service you offer. The price is $10 per month. There is a BUY NOW button in the right column of those pages.

Other Formats and Other Advertising

There will be a small number of formats available. Those will be the only formats supported. They will be explained here (at a later time) and on the signup screen at that time.