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Aircraft Dealers in Florida

Please select your favorite Florida Aircraft Dealer below. You will be taken to their current Aircraft Inventory if they currently have any aircraft for sale. Note that you will occasionally see duplicate dealer names because they used different phone numbers. You may also see dealers from other states that did deals for aircraft in Florida.

(41)"> (7)+1 239 821-6207 (18)+1 5613187411 (6)
22032 (24)A1 Aero Sales & Services (14)Abaco Aviation Services, Inc. (12)ABC Planes (20)
ACShares (4)Adam Marks (5)Advanced Aviation Sales, Inc. (21)Aeon Enterprises (11)
Aero International Brokers (802) 322-376 (9)Aero Mod Services (5)Aero Toy Store (149)Aero Toy Store (16)
Aerocentro (7)Aerocentro (4)Aerocentro Corp (34)AeroCraft International (27)
AeroSolutions (11)Aerospace Network LLC (16)Africair, Inc. (12)Air America Atlantic, Inc. (4)
Air Commander Aerospace LLC (5)Air Orlando Aircraft Sales, Inc. (7)Air Orlando Sales, Inc. (192)Air Unlimited (5)
Aircenter, Inc. (7)Aircraft Depot, Inc. (9)Aircraft Investment Group (9)Aircraft Lease International (5)
Aircraft Mgmnt & Sales (5)Aircraft Parts Store (6)Aircraft Sales Corporation (22)Aircraft Sales Corporation (14)
Aircraft Sales Corporation (7)Aircraft Sales Of Palm Beach, Inc. (5)Aircraft Trading Center (4)Airexcell (6)
AirGate Aviation (4)AirMart (19)Airplanes USA Aircraft Sales (6)AirplanesUSA (32)
AirplanesUSA (18)AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales (82)AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales (35)AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales (26)
Airtrade (6)Airtrade Aviation (11)Alaris Aviation (6)Alaris Aviation (6)
Alec Larson (5)All Aviations (27)Allegra Unlimited (4)American Aircraft Sales Int`l (139)
American Aircraft Sales Int`l (46)American Aircraft Sales Int`l (23)American Aircraft Sales, Inc. (7)American Aviation (93)
Anaconda Aviation (94)Angela Baty (4)Angelina Air, Inc. (8)Angelina's Air, Inc. (9)
Anthony or Jim Robinson (15)Arrow Trading, Inc. (45)Astra Charter, Inc. (4)Atlantic Aviation Group, Inc. (12)
Auto Sales Zone LLC (8)Avantair (5)AvBid Aircraft Auctions (9)Aviation Advisors Intl (32)
Aviation Management Intl (18)Aviation One (8)Aviation Partners of Boynton Beach LLC (5)Avjet Trading, Inc. (4)
Avpro, Inc. (8)AvSKY Corporation (11)Baer Air (6)Banyan Aircraft Sales (84)
Bay Air Charter, Inc (4)Berard Aviation (6)Berard Aviation, Inc. (104)Bernie Little, Jr. (4)
Best Jets Inc. (5)Blue Angel Aviation (5)Blue Heron Aircraft Sales (6)Blue Heron Aviation Sales L.L.C. (4)
Blue Side Up Aviation (45)Bob LaFerriere Aircraft (7)Bob Quick Enterprises, Inc. (22)Boca National Aircraft (205)
Brandon Aders (5)Bravan Aviation (8)C.A.A.D. (16)CAI - Corporate Airsearch International (9)
Camelot Aviation LLC (17)Carolina Corporate Jets (4)CarolinaJet, Inc. (5)CB Aviation (4)
Certified Engines Unlimited (4)CG Helicopters, Inc. (4)Charlie Bravo Aviation (6)Chuck LeGrow Aviation (10)
Chuck Mahn (5)Clearwater Aircraft (135)Code 1 Aviation (5)Commercial Aviation Ent (8)
Commercial Aviation Enterprises (7)Commerical Aviation Asset Mngmt. Svs. (9)Commonwealth Boat Brokers (5)Consultair (7)
Consultair (4)Continental Aviation Services (5)Corbi Aircraft Sales, Inc. (4)Corporate Air (6)
Corporate AirSearch (44)Corporate AirSearch (23)Corporate Jet Sales (60)Corporate Jet Sales (8)
Correct Aviation Services (36)CPR Aeronautical Group (4)Craig Air Center (8)Creston Aviation (11)
Cruiser Aircraft Inc (407) 467-1178 Seba (6)CSM Group, Inc. (4)CTI Global Jet Sales (6)CWS Marketing Group (10)
Cygnus Aviation (5)D.L. Bogard & Associates, Inc. (7)Danny Perna (21)Davis Aircraft Sales (10)
Dean International Inc (12)Deanna Delegge (5)Denison Jet Sales Corp. (4)Doc Aviation, LLC (4)
Doug Tripp (4)Drew Lehmann (4)Dustin Owens (8)Dustin Secor (6)
EADS SOCATA North America Inc. (29)Eagle Creek Aviation Services (4)East Coast Jet Center (38)EastWest Aircraft Sales, Inc. (32)
Ed Kratzer (4)Edge Aerodynamix, Inc. (7)Emerald Coast Inc. (6)Engage Aviation (20)
Engage Aviation (5)Epic Aviation, Inc. (4)Eric Kohlman (4)Excelsior Aviation (8)
ExecuJet Charter Service (6)Executive Aircraft Services (7)Express Jets (7)Extreme Crafts LLC (19)
Fenix Aviation (12)Fenix Aviation (7)Fessler Aviation, Inc. (37)First Coast Aircraft Brokers (6)
FL Jet Solution, LLC (4)Flight Level 550 (5)Flight Level Aircraft Auctions 7/29-7/30 (11)Flight Source International (4)
Flight Source Int`l, Inc. (1491)Flight Source Int`l, Inc. (5)Flight Source Int`l, Inc. (4)Flightline Group Inc. (4)
Flitec, Inc. (8)Florida Aircraft Sales, LLC (11)Florida Aircraft Sales, LLC (6)Florida Jet Center (5)
Florida Jet Leasing (4)Florida Jet Sales (77)Florida Jet Sales, Inc. (6)Florida Suncoast Helicopters (60)
Florida Suncoast Helicopters (7)Fortune Jet Group, Inc. (20)Gardner Aircraft Sales (475)Gardner Aircraft Sales (105)
General Aviation Flying Co. (16)General Aviation Flying Co.-East (12)General Aviation Flying Co.-East (6)Global Aviation Group, LLC (23)
Global Jet Sales (8)Global Wings, LLC (20)Global Wings, LLC (18)Global Wings, LLC (9)
GMI Aviation (10)Goal Aircraft (27)Gold Aviation (5)Gold Aviation Services, Inc. (9)
GovDeals (11)Grace Aviation, LLC (20)Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions (5)Heli Aviation Florida LLC (4)
Helicopters International (6)Hernando Jet Center (7)Holstein Aviation Inc (5)Holt Aviation (4)
Horizon Aviation Group (26)Horizon Aviation Group (6)Horizon One International (4)Imfesa (49)
Infinity Aviation, Inc. (4)IntelliJet International (14)IntelliJet International (8)International Aircraft Services LLC (7)
International Aviation Marketing - Dan R (4)International Aviation Marketing - Kevin (22)International Aviation Marketing Inc (21)International Aviation Marketing, Inc (1266)
International Aviation Marketing, Inc (130)International Aviation Marketing, Inc (8)International Jet Traders, Inc (38)Intl Tech Trading, LLC (15)
IRG Group (83)Island Bound (26)Island Bound Aircraft (29)Island Bound Aircraft (17)
Itaero Inc Aircraft Sales (76)J. Mesinger Corp Jet Sales (6)J. Potter (4)Jack's Aircraft (16)
James Pyrich (4)Jay Curtis (10)Jeff Taylor (13)Jerry Temple Aviation, Inc. (15)
Jet 1 Charter (8)Jet 1 Charter, Inc. (27)Jet Evaluation & Technical Services (15)Jet Evaluation & Technical Services (4)
Jet Evolution (9)Jet Harbor (12)Jet Harbor (5)Jet Quest (19)
Jet Resale Company, Inc. (16)Jet Sales of Stuart, LLC (20)Jet Sales of Stuart, LLC (5)Jet Setters Aviation (12)
Jet Type, Inc (7)Jet Works, Inc. (5)jetAVIVA (12)JetBlack Aviation (13)
JetBlack Aviation (9)JetBlack Aviation, Inc. (14)JetBrokers, Inc. (29)JetBrokers, Inc. (14)
JetBrokers, Inc. (6)JetBrokers, Inc. (4)Jetcraft (4)Jetcraft Corporation (5)
Jeteffect (25)Jeteffect (21)Jeteffect (10)Jeteffect (5)
JetLease (89)JetSet Aviation (7)Jetstar Aviation Services (5)JetVend (14)
JetVend Aviation (7)Jim Deutsch (7)Jim Howard (4)Jim Schlegler (19)
JJ Jet, LLC (4)JMI (41)Joe Renda (37)John Barberino (11)
John Spatuzzi (24)Johns Wings (6)Jose Patin (8)K R Oddy Associates (4)
Keegan Aviation (12)Kendall Aircraft LLC (4)Kenneth Kingston (6)Kent Cook Aircraft (11)
Kirland Aviation (4)Kobold Instruments (4)L & L International, Inc. (16)L & L International, Inc. (10)
L&L International Ltd (28)Laine Aircraft, Inc. (7)Lance Aviation Inc (4)Larry Kunst (4)
Lawrence Aviation (4)Leading Edge Aircraft Sales (62)Leading Edge Aircraft Sales (8)Leading Edge Aircraft Sales (4)
Lone Mountain Aircraft (116)Lone Mountain Aircraft (4)Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales (6)Maine Aviation Sales, Inc (12)
Marc Issott (4)Marc Scola (4)Mark LaFlamme (6)Mark Luhtala (4)
Mark Mccoy (407) 417-2061 Ocoee, FL USA (4)Matrix Aviation, Inc. (7)Maule Air Texas Inc (4)Maxfly Aviation (65)
Maxfly Aviation, Inc. (148)McClure Aircraft International (7)McDonald Aviation (11)MEAC (24)
Mercury Aircraft Sales (145)Mercury Aircraft Sales LLC (53)Mercury Aircraft Sales LLC (6)Michael Fabianac (13)
Michael Kozak (12)Michael Marsh (4)Michael Poulin (7)Micro Jet Positions (102)
Mike Shafer (31)Mike Shealy (5)Mooney Mart (31)Mor Air, LLC (9)
MultiCorp Aircraft Sales (18)Naples Jet Center (5)National Liquidators (27)Nebrig & Associates, Inc. (4)
Neil Corella (6)NEXTJET, Inc. (18)North Bay Enterprises (4)Northstar Aviation (11)
Nova Aviation LLC (7)Old City Helicopter Sales, LLC (667)Old City Helicopter Sales, LLC (36)Omni International Jet Trading (20)
Omni International Jet Trading (6)Omni International Jet Trading (4)Orlando Sanford Aircraft Sales (29)Orlando/Sanford Aircraft Sales (47)
Ormond Aircraft Brokers (6)OSAS (11)Owner To Owner (11)Ozark Aircraft Sales (7)
Pacific Point Aviation (65)Pacific Point Aviation (28)Pacific Point Aviation (4)Palm Beach Aircraft Services (4)
Paris Air, Inc (9)Park Avenue Group (29)Patrick Bowler (5)Patrick Harris (5)
Paul Pefley (5)Peregrine Aviation Services (57)Peregrine Aviation Services, Inc. (7)Performance Aircraft Sales (27)
Phoenix East Aviation (6)Pinckney Aircraft (460)Plane Marketing Group (158)Plane Sales (8)
Premier Aircraft Sales Inc (196)Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc (658)Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc (73)Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc (19)
Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc (7)Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc (5)Premier Aviation Sales and Services (8)Private Jet Trading (4)
Pro Aircraft Jet SAles, Inc (10)Pro Av (4)ProMark Aviation Services Inc. (4)Propel Aviation Sales (14)
Propel Aviation Services (18)Ralph Addington (16)Ramjet Aviation, Inc. (28)Raptor Aviation, LLC (77)
Remington Aircraft (30)Rep Air (6)Rex or Paul (10)Richard Enright (4)
Robert Orsolits (4)Robert Towe (6)Ron Methot (6)Ronald Beasley (4)
Royal Palm Aviation, Inc. (10)Rus Howard (4)S&J Enterprises, Inc (6)Safari Helicopter (17)
Sample Int`l Aviation Inc (10)Saunders Construction Company (4)Schomer Aircraft Center, Inc. (54)Scott MacDonald Aircraft Sales (595)
Sherman Aircraft Sales, Inc. (141)Showalter Flying Service (13)Showalter Flying Service, Inc. (6)Simon Kazes (15)
Six G Aviation, LLC (15)Six G Aviation, LLC (9)Skip Cambre (4)Sky Aviation Holdings LLC (25)
Sky Aviation Holdings LLC (954) 270-3333 (6)Sky Way Aircraft Inc. (102)SkyKnight Air Services, Inc. (4)Skymax Aircraft Corporation (4)
SkyQuest International, LLC (17)Skysales (24)Skysales (4)SkyShepherd Aviation Limited (7)
SkyShepherd Aviation Ltd (5)Socata Aircraft, Inc. (21)Socata Aircraft, Inc. (6)SOCATA North America (17)
SOCATA North America (7)Soule` Enterprises, Inc. (11)South Aviation, Inc. (4)Southeast Aero Sales, Inc. (80)
Southeast Aero Sales, Inc. (5)Southeast Jet Group Inc. (96)SouthEast Piper (110)SouthEast Piper (16)
Southeast Turbines, Corp. (8)Southern Air Systems, Inc. (5)Southern Aircraft Services (7)Southern Cross Aviation, Inc. (42)
Southern Cross Aviation, Inc. (25)Southern Cross Aviation, Inc. (16)Southern Cross Aviation, Inc. (8)Southern Cross Aviation, LLC (7)
Southern Edge Aircraft Sales (207) 576-3 (5)Southwest Marketing Group, Inc. (4)Southwind Aviation (193)Space Coast Aviation (4)
Space Coast Aviation, Inc. (4)Specialty Aircraft Leasing (44)SportPlanes Inc (4)St Pete Avia Ser Llc (352) 470-0563 Crys (11)
Starman Bros Auctions Inc (7)StarPort Cambata Aviation Int`l, LLC (4)Steel Aviation (17)Sterling Flight Training (12)
Steve Alcorn (5)Suncoast Aviation (5)SWT Aviation (7)Tampa Bay Aircraft Sales (8)
TAS Aircraft Sales LLC (4)TC Helicopters (9)Tel: (321) 338-2511 (11)The Flightstar Group (5)
The Lake Connection (6)The Mooney Mart (12)The Plane Exchange (7)The Private Jet Company (4)
Tim Hocklander (4)Timberview Helicopters (850) 333-8902 De (6)Tomlinson Aviation (6)Total Aero LLC (4)
Tradewind LLC (8)Tradewinds Aircraft (7)Tradewinds Aviation (12)Tradewinds Aviation (4)
Triangle Aviation (4)United Flite Inc (8)United Helicopter Intl (5)United Helicopter LLC (6)
Upward Aircraft Sales (5)USA Jet & Helicopter (4)Van (10)Vance and Engles A/C Brokers (11)
Virtual Airplane Broker (10)Virtual Airplane Broker (8)VLJFX (4)Wagner Aviation (13)
Wall Aircraft Corporation (5)Wayman Aviation (5)Wayne (4)Western Aviation (46)
Wild Blue LLC (12)Wolfenden Enterprises Inc (83)World Jet, Inc. (34)Wynds Aviation (4)