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Aircraft Dealers in Minnesota

Please select your favorite Minnesota Aircraft Dealer below. You will be taken to their current Aircraft Inventory if they currently have any aircraft for sale. Note that you will occasionally see duplicate dealer names because they used different phone numbers. You may also see dealers from other states that did deals for aircraft in Minnesota.

Dale Cox Hawley, MN Tel: (218) 483- (8)Aero Investment & Mgmt Co. (22)Aircraft Sales (29)Airlake Airwerx LLC (4)
Albert Lea Airport Inc. (6)Arcon Development, Inc. (4)ASI Jet Center, Inc (125)ASI Jet Center, Inc (9)
Brandon Luthens (5)Brian Schanche (6)Brian Weidendorf (5)Calvin Kramp (5)
Central Business Jets, Inc. (70)Central Business Jets, Inc. (8)Charles Cook (4)Cirrus Design (154)
Cirrus Design (17)Cirrus Design Corp (6)Club Jet (7)Craig Sutter (6)
Dale Cox (33)DC Aircraft Sales (16)Elliott Aviation (13)Elliott Aviation (12)
Elliott Aviation (8)Elliott Aviation (4)Elliott Aviation, Inc. (25)Eriksson Aviation (6)
Exclusive Aviation (213)Exclusive Aviation (46)Exclusive Aviation (14)Executive Aviation (19)
Flight Source Int`l, Inc. (9)Flying Scotchman Inc. (4)Gray Aviation Marketing (4)H O Aircraft (23)
HelicopterBuyer, Inc. (54)Henslin Auctions Inc (4)Intergrity Aviation (4)Jack`s Aircraft (8)
JC Aviation (13)Jetcraft Trading (6)Joe LaRue (8)Jon Eriksson (128)
Kent Cook Aircraft (9)Kent Schutte (4)Leading Edge Aviation Solutions (4)Lone Mountain Aircraft (32)
Maule Air Texas Inc (6)Midwest Aviation (19)Midwest Aviation/Charter First (5)Mike Wiskus (8)
Nelson Aircraft Sales, Llc (6)New Ulm Flight Service, Inc. (10)North Star Aviation (12)Northland Community & Technical College (4)
Northpoint Aviation (9)Park Rapids Aviation (62)Performance Aircraft Sales (7)PlaneSmith Aircraft Sales LLC (130)
Platinum Fighter Sales (16)Rare Aircraft (6)Rare Aircraft Ltd (86)RARE AIRCRAFT LTD (6)
Technical Evolution Aviation (5)Theodore James (4)Thunderbird Aviation (8)Twin Cities Aviation, Inc (4)
VanDerBrink Auctions (4)West Metro Aviation (5)Wild Blue LLC (4)Willmar Air Service (49)
Willmar Air Service (29)Willmar Air Service (18)Wipaire, Inc. (247)Wipaire, Inc. (40)
Wipaire, Inc. (20)Wipaire, Inc. (11)Wipaire, Inc. (8)Wipaire, Inc. (8)
Wipaire, Inc. (6)