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Aircraft Dealers in North Carolina

Please select your favorite North Carolina Aircraft Dealer below. You will be taken to their current Aircraft Inventory if they currently have any aircraft for sale. Note that you will occasionally see duplicate dealer names because they used different phone numbers. You may also see dealers from other states that did deals for aircraft in North Carolina.

Adventure Aviation Sales, Inc (6)AeroMarine International (4)Aeronautics (8)Air Care, Inc. (97)
Air Wilmington, Inc (5)Aircraft Acquisitions, Inc. (4)Aircraft Consultants Inc (33)Aircraft Consultants, Inc. (34)
AircraftMerchants, LLC (413)Andrew Dauber (10)Atlantic Aero (32)Atlantic Aero (21)
Atlantic Aero (15)Atlantic Aero (13)Atlantic Aero (10)Atlantic Aero (4)
Aviation Managment & Solutions (6)Aviation Marketing Group, Inc. (121)Aviation Marketing Group, Inc. (18)Brinkley Aviation (7)
BT Carolina Land Corp (5)Burlington Aviation (6)C.J. Aviation Services, LLC (6)CAAMS, LLC (4)
Carolina Aircraft Inc. (390)Carolina Aircraft Inc. (37)Carolina Aircraft, Inc. (58)Carolina Aircraft, Inc. (17)
Carolina Corporate Jets (112)Carolina Corporate Jets (8)Carolina Flight Centers (6)CarolinaJet, Inc. (32)
CarolinaJet, Inc. (8)Charlotte Jet (6)Chris Williams (5)Clearjet International (8)
Concord Aircraft (9)Concord Aircraft (6)Corporate Fleet Services (164)Corporate Fleet Services (8)
Craig Craft (5)Craig Sasser (6)Dixon Dickens (6)Dove Air, Inc (107)
Eastern Aircraft Exchange (10)Echo Aviation (15)Elite Aircraft Services (4)Flight Source International (5)
FlyAway! (4)Gallivan LLC (5)General Aviation Flying Co. (6)Golden Eagle Aviation Inc. (7)
Great Scots Aircraft (41)Great Scots Aircraft (28)Great Scots Aircraft (4)Hames Aircraft, Inc. (4)
Helicopter Exchange, Ltd. (4)Home Office 1750 E. Internat (43)Home Office 1750 E. Internat (33)Home Page (4)
J. Mesinger Corporate Jet Sales, Inc. (4)Jack`s Aircraft (9)James Wiltz (17)Jeff Sparrow (5)
Jerry Temple Aviation, Inc. (6)Jet Logistics Inc. (6)Jet Logistics, Inc. (5)JetBrokers, Inc. (4)
Jetcraft Corporation (444)Jetcraft Corporation (30)JM Aircraft, Inc. (88)Joe`s Toys (5)
John H Bullock Jr (18)John Hancock (6)Joseph Hartsfield (4)Keffer Management (4)
Ken Marschke (4)Kent Cook Aircraft (5)Landmark Aviation (211)Lanier Media (14)
Lanier Media (6)Lanier Media Aviation Services (5)Lone Mountain Aircraft (25)Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales (4)
M&S Aviation (16)Maine Aviation Sales, Inc (6)Martin Sales, Inc. (8)McDonald Aviation (6)
McQueen Campbell (8)Mike Butler (4)New Heights Aviation (4)Newhelicopters.com (13)
Newhelicopters.com (4)NexGA Aircraft (8)NexGA Aircraft, Inc. (37)NexGA Aircraft, Inc. (11)
Northeast Sales Office (103)Performance Aircraft (6)Piedmont Aircraft Company LLC (12)Piedmont Aircraft Company, LLC (184)
Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc (17)Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc (6)Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc (6)Raber Helicopters, LLC (4)
Ram Air Freight Inc (14)Ram Air Freight Inc (5)Richard Wood (8)Rob Murdock Aviation (5)
Robert Phillips (4)Ryan Ramos (6)Sam Baker, LLC (4)SkyQuest International LLC (20)
SkyQuest International LLC (17)SkyQuest International LLC (15)SkyQuest International, LLC (68)SkyQuest International, LLC (10)
Southeast Air Charter, Inc. (5)SouthEast Aircraft Sales (32)Southern Cross Aviation (7)Southern Cross Aviation, Inc. (19)
Southern Cross Aviation, Inc. (5)Southern Cross Aviation, LLC (4)Southwest Marketing Group, Inc. (4)Speedbird Aviation (12)
Spitfire Aviation (25)Steel Aviation (8)Tyler Reid (26)U.S. Helicopters, Inc. (29)
Vicki of Vermont (242)Virtual Airplane Broker (5)Wayne Aviation (5)Western Aviation (7)
Westmark Aviation Group LLC (4)