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Aircraft Dealers in Oklahoma

Please select your favorite Oklahoma Aircraft Dealer below. You will be taken to their current Aircraft Inventory if they currently have any aircraft for sale. Note that you will occasionally see duplicate dealer names because they used different phone numbers. You may also see dealers from other states that did deals for aircraft in Oklahoma.

30508 (19)Air Flite Inc (10)Air Flite, Inc (22)Air Flite, Inc. (4)
AirMart, Inc. (6)Airspeed Aviation of Okla (18)Airtime Aviation (4)Bare Planes LLC (4)
Bellamy & Co, LLC (4)Bill Black Aircraft (6)Brenair Aviation Services (4)C & M Aviation, LLC (5)
Caleb Easterwood (4)Christiansen Aviation (16)Courtesy Aircraft Sales (4)Crabtree Aircraft Company, Inc. (61)
Crabtree Aircraft Company, Inc. (9)Craig Easter (16)Dan Howard Aircraft Sales (724)Davis Field Aviation (4)
Davis Field Aviation,LLC (13)First Global Aviation (5)First Pryority Bank (7)Fox Flite, Inc. (14)
Genesis Aircraft Marketing LLC (31)Global Aircraft (5)Graves Aircraft, Inc. (9)Greenwood Greenwood (4)
Griffith Aviation (93)Iliff Aircraft Repair & Services Co Inc (4)Interstate Helicopters, Inc. (43)JB & A Aviation (12)
JBA Aviation (4)Jerry Temple Aviation, Inc. (5)Jim Clark & Associates Inc. (16)Jim Malone (4)
John Nys (5)JR Huskey Aviation Services (6)Kent Cook Aircraft (4)Legacy Aviation Services (9)
Lockard Aircraft Sales (13)Lone Mountain Aircraft (46)Maule Air Texas Inc (4)Micah Briner (4)
Michael Way (4)Mid-States Aviation (7)Mike Ellis & Associates (4)Mike Sisemore (4)
MPA Inc (4)NBS (6)Noland Aviation (17)Noland Aviation (12)
Omni Air Transport (20)Omni International Jet Trading (5)O`Neill Aircraft Sales & Service Inc. (6)Paul Staten (4)
Performance Aircraft (5)Purdum Aviation (11)Ruston Aviation (4)Scott Jones Aircraft Sales (16)
Scott MacDonald Aircraft Sales (4)Sillivan Aircraft Sales (5)Sipes Aircraft (6)SkyKing Aviation Services Inc. (21)
Southern Wings Aircraft Sales (201)Southwest Aviation Specialties (10)Steel Aviation (4)Stick and Rudder, LLC (9)
Stick and Rudder, LLC (6)Sundance Aviation, Inc. (6)Takle Management LLC (15)The Plane Exchange (4)
ThomasJets (39)TK Aero Inc. (19)Tulsair Beechcraft Inc. (22)Vector-Air Inc (4)
Virtual Airplane Broker LLC (6)W.M. Aviation Services (6)Western Aviation (10)Wild Blue LLC (7)
Wiley Post Aviation (5)Wrangler Aviation Corp (7)Younger Aviation (10)Yuri Milner (4)