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Aircraft Dealers in Pennsylvania

Please select your favorite Pennsylvania Aircraft Dealer below. You will be taken to their current Aircraft Inventory if they currently have any aircraft for sale. Note that you will occasionally see duplicate dealer names because they used different phone numbers. You may also see dealers from other states that did deals for aircraft in Pennsylvania.

30508 (6)Aerocorp (5)AeroSolutions (11)Air Murray (72)
AirMart (8)Airquest Aviation (13)AirQuest Aviation (4)AMS Aircraft Sales, Inc. (30)
Avpro, Inc. (7)Bill (5)Blackwell Aviarion (4)BrianNeiman.com LLC (4)
Bun Air (13)C&J Sales (6)Carl Chetty (7)Carl Williamson (570) 660-5250 Lock Have (4)
Charles Friday (4)Charleston Aviation Partners, LLC (8)Corporate Air, LLC (7)Corporate Jet Sales (5)
Crosswinds Flight Center Inc. (7)Delta Holdings Inc (9)Dominion Aircraft Inc. (36)EdsonAire (6)
Emerald Aviation (7)Freedom Aviation (4)Gary Goldfarb (5)Gateway Aviation (8)
General Aviation Flying Co. (8)General Aviation Flying Co. (4)Gordon Brown (5)Harrisburg Jet Center (14)
Helicopter Flite Inc. (7)Helicopter Marketing Associates (8)Hortman Aviation (15)Hortman Aviation (6)
Jack`s Aircraft (6)Jet Speed Aviation Inc. (11)jetAVIVA (6)JetBrokers, Inc. (5)
Jetcraft Corporation (4)John Stone (4)K & M Flyers (4)Kenneth Hess (10)
Leeward Aircraft Sales, Inc (4)LLoyd Helicopters (8)Lock Haven Aircraft Sales (28)Lock Haven Aircraft Sales (20)
Lone Mountain Aircraft (14)Mark Campolong (6)Maurice Azain (4)Moyer Aviation Inc. (7)
Moyer Aviation, Inc. (18)Murrer Aviation (8)Omni International Jet Trading (7)Paul De Sanctis (4)
Paul Tollini (4)Paul Yoder (7)Penn-Air Inc. (4)ProMark Aviation Services Inc. (6)
Promark Aviation Services, Inc. (4)Prospect Aviation Corporation (12)Ramon Hernandez (4)Scott Richard Aviation (6)
Sport Flying USA (23)Starman Bros Auctions Inc (18)Steel Aviation (9)Suncoast Aviation (4)
Timothy Vallilee (7)Tri Pacer Flyers LLC (7)UFS-Aero (7)Upward Aircraft Sales (6)
Vee Neal Aviation (4)Virtual Airplane Broker (7)Voyager Jet Center LLC (5)W.L. Snook & Associates, Inc. (4)
Weber Aircraft (11)Western Aviation (5)Wetzel Aviation (4)Wild Blue LLC (4)
William Hilling (4)Wings`N Things (8)