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Aircraft Dealers in Texas

Please select your favorite Texas Aircraft Dealer below. You will be taken to their current Aircraft Inventory if they currently have any aircraft for sale. Note that you will occasionally see duplicate dealer names because they used different phone numbers. You may also see dealers from other states that did deals for aircraft in Texas.

+31503092548 (4)Abilene Aero (42)Abilene Aero, Inc. (15)Abilene Aircraft Sales, Inc. (67)
Action Aircraft Sales Co. (9)Adam Sims (12)Addison Aircraft Sales, Inc. (17)Addison Aircraft Sales, Inc. (9)
Adel Chehab (5)Adirondack Aviation Consulting LLC (6)Aero Mod Services (22)AeroMax, USA (31)
Aeropremier (5)AeroSmith/Penny (31)AeroSmith/Penny (4)AeroSolutions (11)
Air Impressions Inc (4)Air Tractor (9)Airbus Helicopters (4)Airbus Helicopters (4)
Airlift (5)AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales (4)AJ Allee (4)Alaris Aviation (6)
Alex Hanson (7)All American Aircraft Sales Corp. (159)All American Aircraft Sales (248)All American Aircraft Sales (24)
Allegiance Aviation Services (830) 387-2 (6)Allied Jet International (4)American Aviation Marketing (4)American Eurocopter (20)
American Flyers (5)American Legend Aircraft Company (9)Andrew Knott (4)Anson Air, LLC (7)
AOG Expediter / AJJAS Group (5)Armstrong Aviation Inc. (33)Austin Aircraft Sales (75)Austin Helicopters (5)
Austin Jet Aircraft Sales (145)Avcon (6)Aviano Aircraft Company (5)Aviation Services & Sales (38)
Aviation Services Elite (4)Aviation Services of America (5)AviationTX (10)Avpro, Inc. (4)
Axis Aviation (28)B&G Aircraft (4)Barham Aviation (4)Barry Rutheiser (38)
Barry Stein (8)Bayou Aviation (5)Bell Aviation, Inc. (4)Benjamin Paradis (4)
Berry Aviation, Inc. (6)BF Aviation LLC (38)BF Aviation, LLC (4)Biba Flyers LLC (13)
Bill Orcutt (8)Blackhawk Modifications, Inc. (24)Bob Smith Aircraft Sales (9)Bob Stephens (4)
Bob White Inc (10)Bombardier Aircraft Sales (368)Bombardier Aircraft Sales (115)Bombardier Pre-Owned Aircraft (61)
Bombardier Pre-Owned Aircraft (60)Bower Helicopter, Inc. (19)Brandon Coffman (5)Brandon Sapp (11)
Brent Franks (713) 775-7909 Beaumont, TX (4)Brent McManus (4)Bruce Jenner Aviation (7)Bruce Jenner Aviation (6)
Bubba Thomas (6)Business Air (58)Business Air International (4)C & R Enterprises (7)
CAAP, Inc. (4)CAH Aircraft Sales Inc. (26)Cannan Aviation (38)Cannan Aviation (6)
Cannon Aviation Group (98)Cannon Aviation Group, Inc. (7)Capital Aircraft Sales, Inc. (6)Casey Aviation (7)
CB Aviation (5)CB Aviation (4)Central Flying Service (4)Cessna Finance Corp (13)
Cessna Finance Corp (5)Charlie Bravo Aviation (93)Charlie Bravo Aviation (9)Charlie Bravo Aviation (4)
Chase Aviation Company (18)Chris Austin (6)Chris Travland (11)Civil Air Patrol (4)
Clear Star Aviation (8)Colt Aircraft Services (11)Colt Aircraft Services (9)Columbia of Texas (5)
Commercial Aircraft Solutions Services (5)Commonwealth Boat Brokers (8)Contact West Houston Air (240)Corporate AirSearch (10)
Corporate Concepts International, Inc. (8)Corporate Concepts International, Inc. (5)Corporate Concepts Intl, Inc. (7)Corporate Concepts Intl, Inc. (6)
Corporate Concepts Int`l, Inc. (73)Corporate Concepts Int`l, Inc. (72)Corporate Jet Sales (8)Corporate Jet Sales (5)
Courtesy Aircraft Sales (4)Craig Fleischman (4)Craig Smith (17)Customair (17)
Customair Aircraft Sales (12)Cutter Aviation (33)Cutter Aviation, Inc. (24)Cutter Aviation, Inc. (16)
Cutter Aviation, Inc. (14)Cutter Aviation, Inc. (13)Cutter Aviation, Inc. (9)Cutter Aviation, Inc. (6)
Cutter Aviation, Inc. (6)Cutter Aviation, Inc. (5)D.B. Holt Services (5)Dallas Aircraft Sales (62)
Dallas Jet International (24)Dallas Jet International (19)Dallas Jet International (18)Dallas Jet International (13)
Dallas Jet International (4)Dan Howard Aircraft Sales (8)Dan-Ahr Aviation (10)Decatur Jet Center (10)
Decatur Jet Center (9)Deer Horn Aviation (7)Deer Horn Aviation (4)Dennis Debo (14)
Desair Inc (4)Devon Aviation Services LLC (38)Devon Aviation Services LLC (19)Devon Aviation Services LLC (4)
DM AVIATION (4)Donald Bench (4)Dustin Bailey (4)Eagle Creek Aviation Services (12)
East Texas Turbines Inc. (6)Echelon Flight Support (23)Echelon Flight Support (13)El Paso Aero (11)
Enterprise Jet Sales, Inc (8)Express Jets (244)Express Jets (23)Express Jets (4)
Fisher Aircraft Sales (27)Flap-Air Helicopter Service (23)Flare Air, LLC (12)Flight Source International, Inc. (39)
FlightSource, LP (9)Flinn Zachary Aviation Group (186)Flinn Zachary Aviation Group (39)Flying A Limited, Inc. (12)
Fort Wolters Helicopter (6)Gafford Aero, Inc. (6)Galaxy Air Services (4)Gantt Aviation, Inc. (113)
Gary Norris (6)General Aviation Flying Co. (7)General Aviation Flying Co.-East (5)General Aviation Flying Co.-East (5)
George H Gould (4)Gilleland Aviation (18)Glen Hyde (6)Glenn Chiappe (512) 970-7950 Lago Vista, (5)
Global Aircraft Solutions (5)Global Jet Aviation (47)Go Time Inc. (5)Greg Blankenship (4)
Greg Swope (7)Groenemann & Summit Aircraft Sales (11)Guardian Jet, LLC (4)Guinn Aviation (10)
Harold Kennedy (512) 426-7205 Houston, T (23)Helicopter Exchange, Ltd. (25)Helicopter Experts (17)Helicopter Marketing Associates (75)
Helicopter Services, Inc. (9)Helicopters Unlimited, LLC (7)Herb Jacobs (4)High Performance Aviation LLC (7)
High Performance Aviation, LLC (8)High Plains Aviation, Inc. (18)Hill Country Aircraft (4)Hoover Aviation Inc. (12)
Horizon Aircraft Sales (4)Hub City Aviation (5)Huffman Aviation (9)Hutcherson Air Service (5)
Impression Aircraft Sales LLC (5)Integrity Aero, LLC (23)Interjet (14)International Aviation Marketing, Inc. (90)
International Recovery & Remarketing (16)J. Mesinger Corp Jet Sales (37)J. Mesinger Corporate Jet Sales, Inc. (6)J. Michael Lea & Assoc. (70)
Jack Prewitt & Associates (70)Jack's Aircraft (9)James Kettles (16)James McBurney (4)
James Ward (6)JAS,Inc. (25)JB & A Aviation (55)JBA Aviation (4)
JBA Aviation, Inc (5)Jeffery Cullen (8)Jerry Temple Aviation, Inc. (47)Jet Affiliates International (4)
Jet Exchange (4)Jet Quest (55)Jet Quest (4)Jet Select Inc. (8)
Jet Trader Group LLC (6)jetAVIVA (29)jetAVIVA (12)jetAVIVA (5)
JetBlack Aviation, Inc. (7)JetBrokers, Inc. (7)Jetcraft (4)Jeteffect (28)
Jeteffect (20)Jeteffect (4)Jetheli Executive Services, Ltd (5)JetLink Investments Inc (4)
JetPro Texas (45)JetPro Texas (11)JetsAmerica, Inc. (5)Jim Johnson (4)
Joe Fisher (5)Joel De La Garza (29)John Bean (6)John Campbell (5)
John Pate Services (4)JRW Aviation (21)JRW Aviation (4)Keith Norris Aircraft, Inc. (4)
Kevin Hynes (5)King Aviation Dallas (76)Kirk Taylor (6)L Beech (4)
Laredo Aviation Sales LLC (13)Las Vegas Aircraft Sales (6)Las Vegas Aircraft Sales LLC (8)Leading Edge Aviation Solutions, LLC (4)
Lear Stevens Aviation Services, Inc (10)Leonard Hudson Drilling Co (76)Leonard Hudson Drilling Co (11)Leonard Hudson Flight Limited, LLC (7)
Lone Mountain Aircraft (76)Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales (5)Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales - Mark Egan (4)Lubbock Aero (15)
Lubbock Aero (14)LWood Aviation, Inc. (12)Lynnette Gray (48)M&B Aviation (5)
M&B Aviation (4)Martin Davis & Associates (11)Maule Air Texas Inc (54)McCreery Aviation Co., Inc. (274)
McDonald Aviation (17)MENTE Group, LLC (34)MENTE Group, LLC (16)Mercury Aircraft Sales (12)
Meridian Aviation (5)Meridian Consulting LLC (20)Metroplex Aviation (66)Michael Erhardt (7)
Micro Jet Positions (6)Mike Ellis & Associates (12)Mike Ellis & Associates (5)Mike Green and Associates (9)
Mike Hedding (4)Miller Flying Service (64)Million Air Dallas (17)Monarch Air (37)
Monarch Air (9)Mooney Airplane Company (27)Murphy Acquisitions (55)MVP AVIATION (4)
Nebrig & Associates, Inc. (116)New Braunfels Aircraft Sales Inc (4)New Tech Services, Inc. (7)Norman Bondesen (4)
North American Jet (8)North Dallas Aviation (11)North Texas Aircraft Sales (38)North Texas Aircraft Sales (10)
Northern Aircraft, Inc. (6)Oceania Aviation - Steve Reyna - US Base (31)Omni International Jet Trading (7)Omni International Jet Trading (4)
Omni International Jet Trading (4)Omni Jet Trading (24)OptiSky (105)Owens Aviation, Inc. (43)
Par Avion Ltd. (23)Patrick Rydzewski Aircraft Sales (11)Paul Ferroni (8)Performance Aircraft Sales (26)
Performance Sales & Conversions LLC (30)Petra Aviation (5)Plane Texans, Inc. (6)PlaneSmart! (10)
PlaneSmart! Aviation LLC (9)PlaneSmart! Aviation, LLC (16)Platinum Fighter Sales (5)Pollard Aircraft Sales, Inc. (154)
Pollard Aircraft Sales, Inc. (108)Pollard Aircraft Sales, Inc. (34)Pollard Aircraft Sales, Inc. (13)Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc (43)
Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc (8)Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc (5)Premium Jet Sales (8)Prime Aircraft, LLC (5)
Priority 1 Aviation, Inc. (44)Rafael Cisneros (7)Ram Aircraft LP (4)Raptor Aviation, Inc. (10)
Ray Burch (9)Resort Jet Center (8)Rice Aviation Group (23)Richard Baxter (4)
Ridgeaire, Inc. (114)RidgeAire, Inc. (28)Rio Grande Helicopters (4)Rizojet Avionics Int (12)
RKJ Enterprises (979) 429-6955 Sweeny, T (4)Robert Elliott (4)Robert Johnston (4)Robert Snowden (4)
Ron Farish Aircraft, Inc. (59)Ron Farish Aircraft, Inc. (20)Rotor World (8)RPM Aviation Group (4)
RVC Aviation (4)RVR Aviation (12)RVR Aviation (4)Sam Matta (5)
SCM Aviation (6)Scott (5)Sharpe (6)Sierra Industries (43)
Sierra Industries LTD (4)Sierra Industries, LTD. (9)SKY Helicopters, Inc. (22)Skylark Aviation, Inc. (14)
Skyline Aviation (5)Skypark Aviation (13)Skysource International, LLC (16)Snowden Aviation (8)
Sojourn Aviation (4)Sombra Aircraft Sales (4)South Plains Implement (4)Spinksjet Inc (4)
Starbase Jet (4)Static View (45)Steel Aviation (16)Stetson Aircraft Sales, Inc. (29)
Steve Boyd (4)Steve Dickerson (8)Steve Harvey (5)Steve Weaver Aircraft Sales (5)
Steven Bernstein (7)Stewart Pearcy (6)StormCat Air (4)Sun Jet International Inc (9)
Suncoast Aviation (9)Suncoast Aviation (5)Suncoast Aviation (4)Tailwind Aviation (14)
Tel: (321) 338-2511 (20)Tel: (713) 681-0075 (9)Tel: (972) 398-6902 Tel: (800) 684-8400 (20)Tel: (972) 398-6902 Tel: (800) 684-8400 (13)
Tel: (972) 398-6902 Tel: (800) 684-8400 (8)Tel: 1-888-835-9377 (19)Terrell Aviation (4)Terry Sonday (40)
Texas Aero (40)Texas Skyways Inc (8)The 1940 Air Terminal Museum (4)The Gulf Air Group Corp (41)
The Starbase Aviation Group (12)The Yates Group (4)Thompson Flying Service (4)Tim Talley (7)
Timothy Thompson (20)Todd Gebhardt (4)Todd Wallace (4)Toll Free: 1 (800) 437-2376 (15)
Tom Flinn Aircraft (45)Tom Woodward (4)Tomball Jet Center (12)Tomball Jet Center (8)
Tradewind Turbines (21)Trent McClendon (5)Trim-Aire Aviation, Inc. (9)Turbine Aircraft Marketing Inc (17)
Turbines Ltd (4)Tyler Turbine Sales, Inc. (15)U S Aviation LLC (16)Upward Aircraft Sales (4)
US Flight Academy (9)US Sport Aircraft (15)Van Bortel Aircraft (883)Van Bortel Aircraft (134)
Van Bortel Aircraft (18)Van Bortel Aircraft (16)Van Bortel Aircraft, Inc (639)Van Bortel Aircraft, Inc. (1436)
Van Bortel Aircraft, Inc. (468)Van Bortel Aircraft, Inc. (113)Van Bortel Inc. (4)Virtual Airplane Broker (15)
Virtual Airplane Broker LLC (4)Warren Aircraft LLC (12)WC Aeronautical (6)Web Thomas Aircraft Sales, Inc (46)
Web Thomas Aircraft, LLC (20)Welch Aircraft, Inc. (5)Welsch Aviation (9)Welsch Aviation, Inc. (44)
Wes Clark Aircraft (75)Wes Clark Aircraft (10)West Texas Aero (7)Western Airways (5)
Western Aviation (105)Western Aviation (103)Westernair Inc (4)Wild Blue LLC (25)
Wilke & Associates (9)Wing Aircraft Sales (5)Wing Aviation (4)Wise Aviation Incorporated (36)