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Aircraft Dealers Index by State

Below you will find an index to aircraft dealers in your state. To be considered an "Aircraft Dealer" for our purposes in this list, you have to have at least 4 listings in our database. On the Dealer page, the number of inactive and active listings is in parenthesis; only active listings, if any, are displayed.

Alaska Alabama Arkansas Arizona California Colorado Connecticut
Washington DC Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois
Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Mississippi Montana Nebraska
Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota
Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Virgin Island Washington
West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

Aircraft Dealers are a diverse lot. The top aircraft dealers may list an aircraft every other work day. Others may get a new listing once per week. Still others may be lucky to get a listing once per month and stay in business doing so. But the vast majority of aircraft sellers are not aircraft dealers at all. They are simply aircraft owners or friends of owners that sell one aircraft at a time. In fact, the majority (over 66%) of the 18,730 sellers identified over the last two years have attempted to sell only one aircraft.

On the other end are the 30 dealers that list and often sell 30% of the aircraft on the market. This dealership gets approximately one new listing per week. We suspect these dealers get at least some of their business from those seller/owners who finally come to realize that selling an aircraft is not like listing and selling your car. An aircraft holds more value, an aircraft must be better maintained due to safety concerns and government regulations, and the prospect base often is unseen and unknown to the "new dealer". Here's an example of one-click information access a "new dealer" might like. That Citation I example is great - if you're selling a Citation I. Become a Premium Member ($10 per month) at Aviongoo and you can get that same information for your particular aircraft model group. There are lots of prospects there.