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Raytheon Premier Aircraft for Sale

Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
1. 2002 PREMIER I C 3200 Call missing phoneAradian Aviation ShortList
2. 2002 PREMIER I C 1680 Call missing phoneValentini Aviation ShortList
3. 2002 PREMIER I C 3151 Call RB-015 missing phoneCerretani Aviation Group, ShortList
4. 2002 PREMIER I C   Call missing phoneQuick Aviacao ShortList
5. 2002 PREMIER I C 1929 Call missing phoneMoon Jet Group ShortList
6. 2003 PREMIER I C 1987 Call RB-47 missing phoneHolstein Aviation Inc. ShortList
7. 2003 PREMIER I C 2658 Call RB-70 missing phoneHolstein Aviation Inc. ShortList

Refine Raytheon Selection

Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
8. 2003 PREMIER I C 2375 Call missing phoneAscend Aviation ShortList
9. 2003 PREMIER I C 3400 Call RB-57 missing phoneSwartz Aviation Group,LLC. ShortList
10. 2003 PREMIER IH C 1940 Call RB-68 ZS-BDG missing phoneAllied Jet International ShortList
11. 2004 PREMIER I C 3325 Call RB-85 missing phonejetAVIVA ShortList
12. 2005 PREMIER I C   Call missing phoneCTL Aero Solutions ShortList
13. 2005 PREMIER I C 3540 Call RB-130 missing phoneExpress Jets ShortList
14. 2005 PREMIER I C 4400 Call RB-131 missing phoneEuropstar Aircraft GmbH ShortList
15. 2006 PREMIER IA C 2585 Call RB-145 missing phoneSevenJet Private Travel ShortList
16. 2006 PREMIER IA C 957 Call RB-151 missing phoneAeroSolutions ShortList
17. 2007 PREMIER IA C 3202 Call RB-181 missing phoneColibri Aircraft Ltd ShortList
18. 2007 PREMIER IA C 1600 Call missing phoneGlobal Aircraft ShortList
19. 2007 PREMIER IA C 1990 Call missing phoneSabin Aboitiz ShortList
20. 2007 PREMIER IA C 1700 Call RB-182 missing phoneHatt & Associates ShortList
21. 2007 PREMIER IAH C 1889 Call RB-190 N537RB missing phoneInternational Aviation Ma ShortList
22. 2010 PREMIER IAH C 825 Call RB-280  N722NB missing phoneCorporate AirSearch ShortList
*A=ASO, B=AvBuyer, C=Controller, T=Trade-a-plane, P=PlaneCheck, D=Dealer Direct
**Use the checkbox to create your personal group, then click the "MyGroup" button.
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