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Piper Cherokee Lance Aircraft for Sale

Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
1. 1976 LANCE C   Call 701-223-4754Bismarck Aero Center ShortList
2. 1976 LANCE C   Call +12696515431Bartelt Aviation, Inc. ShortList
3. 1976 LANCE C   Call 864-608-8375DoubleDay Aviation Inc. ShortList
4. 1976 Lance PA32R 300H A 2829 $89,000 32R-7680209 C-GMJE 519-857-7639Steve Secco ShortList
5. 1976 LANCEH C 8850 Call N6138J 903-306-9225Jason Clanton ShortList
6. 1976 LanceH A 4701 $135,000 32R-7680380 N6888J 269-651-5431Bartelt Aviation, Inc. ShortList
7. 1977 LANCE C   Call +12696515431Bartelt Aviation, Inc. ShortList

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Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
8. 1977 LANCE C   Call +18592339399AirMart ShortList
9. 1977 LANCE C   Call +13093423134Jet Air, Inc. ShortList
10. 1977 LanceH A 2631 $135,000 32R-7780301 N121TW 269-651-5431Bartelt Aviation, Inc. ShortList
11. 1977 LanceH A 4820 Call 32R-7780523 N24MT 859-233-9399AirMart, Inc. ShortList
12. 1977 LANCEH C 7604 Call N6507F +12696515431Bartelt Aviation, Inc. ShortList
13. 1977 LanceH A 7604 $129,000 32-7780028 N6507F 269-651-5431Bartelt Aviation, Inc. ShortList
14. 1977 LANCEH C 6007 Call N89MJ 214-733-2001BRIAN RELIN ShortList
15. 1978 LANCE C   Call +19184987073Dan Howard Aircraft Sales ShortList
16. 1978 TURBO LANCE IIH C 3800 Call N32RT +12253067084Hancock Aviation LLC ShortList
17. 1979 TURBO LANCE II C   Call 316-253-2380Wes Williamson ShortList
18. 1979 LANCE IIH C 4012 Call N2154E +19195535235AircraftMerchants, LLC ShortList
*A=ASO, B=AvBuyer, C=Controller, T=Trade-a-plane, P=PlaneCheck, D=Dealer Direct
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