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Miscellaneous Turboprops Aircraft for Sale

Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
1. 1962 LOCKHEED HERCULES C   Call +15612424393JetLease ShortList
2. 1970 Partenavia P-66 Oscar 100H P   Call I-SRAL +39 3385782319Marcello Uga .
3. 1971 Partenavia P-64 Oscar B 200 hpH P   Call I-RACC +39 3279449642Vito Tedeschi .
4. 2004 Angel Angel 44H P   Call N442KC +41-91-2103128Aeromeccanica SA .
5. 2004 PACIFIC AEROSPACE PAC 750XLH C 4370 Call 750XL-110 VH-EAK +61407065728Skydive The Beach Group ShortList
6. 2006 Lancair PropjetH A 110 $500,000 LIV-551 N431MT 309-698-0601Kent Cook Aircraft ShortList
7. 2017 Partenavia Vulcanair V-1.0H P   Call D-EJFC +4922472700Multiprop / Vulcanair Germany .

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*A=ASO, B=AvBuyer, C=Controller, T=Trade-a-plane, P=PlaneCheck, D=Dealer Direct
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