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Cessna 172RG Cutlass Aircraft for Sale

Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
1.   172RG Cutlass T   Call 877-331-5550Christiansen Aviation ShortList
2. 1980 172-RG CutlassH P   Call 4X-CHW .
3. 1980 172RG CutlassH T 10787 $49,000 172RG787 N172CM 575-494-0705Robert Benavidez ShortList
4. 1980 172RGH A 7710 $59,500 172RG0250 N5132U 702-596-8537Southwest Aircraft Sales ShortList
5. 1980 172RGH A 14299 $30,000 172RG0509 N5338V 818-896-6442Vista Aviation, Inc. ShortList
6. 1980 172RG CutlassH T 4831 $39,900 N904AL 813-287-8000Berard Aviation Inc ShortList
7. 1980 172RGH A 4943 $47,900 172RG0239 N904AL 813-287-8000Berard Aviation, Inc. ShortList

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Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
8. 1980 172-RG CutlassH P   Call S5-DIH +386 41 911 000IRIS, d.o.o. .
9. 1980 172RG CUTLASSH C 3550 Call 172RG0062  369ER Mike McDonald">307-887-0950Mike McDonald">Mike McDonald ShortList
10. 1980 172RG CUTLASSH C 5009 Call 172RG-0239  N904AL 813-287-8000Berard Aviation, Inc. ShortList
11. 1981 172RG CutlassH T 5665 $59,900 172RG0943 N9647B 757-615-9504Lear Stevens Aviation Services, Inc ShortList
12. 1981 172RG CUTLASSH C 6800 Call 172RG0674  N788KB Fresh Aircraft Sales602-717-2336Fresh Aircraft SalesFresh Aircraft Sales ShortList
13. 1982 172RG CUTLASS C 15676 Call 172RG0907 +1 905-477-7900Apex Aircraft Sales Ltd ShortList
14. 1982 172RG CutlassH A 7663 $59,900 172RG1044 N9797B 804-550-3433Commonwealth Aircraft Sales Inc. ShortList
15. 1982 172RG CutlassH T 7663 $59,900 172RG1044 N9797B 804-550-3433Commonwealth Aircraft ShortList
16. 1982 172RG CUTLASSH C 7663 Call 172RG1044  N9797B Commonwealth Aircraft804-597-7001Commonwealth AircraftCommonwealth Aircraft ShortList
17. 1984 172RG CutlassH T 11525 $94,995 172RG1153 N111HP 972-503-0200North Texas A/C Sales ShortList
18. 1984 172RG CUTLASSH C 115525 Call 172RG1153  N111HP North Texas Aircraft Sale">972-503-0200North Texas Aircraft Sale">North Texas Aircraft Sale ShortList
*A=ASO, B=AvBuyer, C=Controller, T=Trade-a-plane, P=PlaneCheck, D=Dealer Direct
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