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Beech/Raytheon A36 BONANZA Aircraft for Sale

Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
1. 1975 A36 BONANZA C 5884 Call +27104414221Absolute Aircraft Sales ShortList
2. 1975 A36 BONANZA C   Call E-665 +15015800280 ShortList
3. 1975 A36 BONANZA C   Call E-647 +16146817931 ShortList
4. 1976 A36 BONANZA C 2220 Call +442035143195Aradian Aviation ShortList
5. 1976 A36 BONANZA C 7516 Call +27104414221Absolute Aircraft Sales ShortList
6. 1977 A36 BONANZA C 4531 Call E1082 045-848-0300LACHLAN BUTCHER ShortList
7. 1978 A36 BONANZA C 3260 Call E-1255 501-412-8343MK Rockwell Investments LLC ShortList

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Beech/Raytheon A36 BONANZA: The Beechcraft A36 Bonanza entered service in 1970 until 2006 when it became the G36 having modern avionics upgrades. The basic 36 series was first introduced in 1968 with the A36 appearing two years later. Other variants of the 36 model were the A36TC and B36TC with turbo charged engines and made between 1979 and 2002.

Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
8. 1978 A36 BONANZA C 4237 Call E-1321 +14029345300Oracle Aviation ShortList
*A=ASO, B=AvBuyer, C=Controller, T=Trade-a-plane, P=PlaneCheck, D=Dealer Direct
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