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Cessna 172M SKYHAWK Aircraft for Sale

Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
1.   172M SKYHAWKH T 9352 $26,500 N64134 806-893-4885Dennis Rowe (806) 893-4885 Brownfield, T ShortList
2. 1973 172M SKYHAWKH T 6015 $49,900 N20289 413-246-8302Island Bound Aircraft ShortList
3. 1973 172M SKYHAWKH T 5600 $60,000 N20487 775-688-9210David Pearson (775) 688-9210 Sparks, NV ShortList
4. 1974 172M SKYHAWKH T 6400 $31,900 N4473R 765-456-1772Aircraft Ownership Solutions ShortList
5. 1974 172M SKYHAWKH T 7550 Call N8979V 815-479-0402AKC Aviation ShortList
6. 1975 172M SKYHAWKH T 3747 $74,900 C-GXUN 403-286-4277Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd ShortList
7. 1975 172M SKYHAWKH T 3000 $35,500 N157FK 305-394-5311Francis Keyes (305) 394-5311 FL USA ShortList

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Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
8. 1975 172M SKYHAWKH T 1044 $45,500 N61709 270-774-7461David Gray (270) 774-7461 Horse Cave, KY ShortList

The last "CESSNA 172M SKYHAWK" listing was indexed on 03/18/2017. The registration was "N64532".

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