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Piper Comanche 260 Aircraft for Sale

Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
1.   COMANCHE 260H T 5300 Call N9176P 281-492-2130West Houston Airport ShortList
2. 1965 COMANCHE 260 C 4617 Call 24-4137 204-638-8433Dewar Seed Farms Ltd. ShortList
3. 1965 COMANCHE 260H T 1200 $69,900 24-4143 N8695P 317-507-7842Donald Lambert ShortList
4. 1966 COMANCHE 260 C 6307 Call 24-4443 909-360-7098 ShortList
5. 1966 COMANCHE 260H T 9780 $49,900 N9155P 317-339-4901Virtual Airplane Broker LLC ShortList
6. 1967 COMANCHE 260 C 4800 Call 24-4717 843-442-4710John Pratt ShortList
7. 1967 Comanche 260H A 5300 Call PA24-260B N9176P 281-492-2130West Houston Airport Corp. ShortList

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Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
8. 1967 COMANCHE 260H T 5892 $82,900 N9219P 662-526-1700John Bell Aircraft, Inc. ShortList

The last "PIPER COMANCHE 250" listing was indexed on 08/17/2017. The registration was "N5348P".

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