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Piper NAVAJO CR Aircraft for Sale

Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
1. 1975 NAVAJO CR C 5061 Call 31-7512064 604-792-0735Upper Valley Aviation Ltd. ShortList
2. 1975 NAVAJO CR C 4455 Call 561-963-8111Palm Beach Aircraft Services, Inc. ShortList
3. 1975 NAVAJO CR C 8450 Call 31-7512012 414-333-5400Webcor Air, LLC ShortList
4. 1977 NAVAJO CR C 6683 Call 31-7812015 +12186437813 ShortList
5. 1978 NAVAJO CR C 8613 Call 31-7812020 641-752-0012Marshalltown Aviation, Inc. ShortList
6. 1978 NAVAJO CR C 5771 Call 850-420-1548Winstarr Aviation LLC ShortList
7. 1978 NAVAJO CR C 11325 Call 31-7812061 +14073266062Showalter Aviation and Marine, Inc. ShortList

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Year Model Listed V* C** TTAF Price Serial Reg. # Phone Contact Members
8. 1979 NAVAJO CR C 7925 Call 31-7912103 877-757-7571McCracken Aviation ShortList

The last "PIPER NAVAJO CR" listing was indexed on 02/20/2018. The serial number of the aircraft is "31-7812015".

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