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Aircraft Market History

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Here is an Aircraft Market Summary sample result: (Sample Single Engines - Cirrus SR20 )

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Category Manufacturer
1. 2000SR-20HN914DWOODRUFF TOM LSteel AviationShortList
2. 2000SR20HN208CDSMITH STUART WStuart SmithShortList
3. 2000SR20H1036N217BBDUPPS RALPH L JRRalph DuppsShortList
4. 2000SR20H1074N208CDSMITH STUART WShortList
5. 2000SR20H1104N914DWOODRUFF TOM LSteel AviationShortList
6. 2001SR22 Fresh Annual & CAPSH0060N750CDDALE AIR INC LLCShortList
94. 2008SR22-G3 GTSx Turbo Cirrus PerspectiveH3068N427KGLONE MOUNTAIN AIRCRAFT LLCLone Mountain AircraftShortList
95. 2009SR20-G3H2027N254CVMAESTRACCI CORPAero-Acciones Venezuela, C.A.ShortList
96. 2010SR20-G3H2038N47TPYACOUB ANDREWAndrew YacoubShortList
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