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Aircraft for Sale - New on Market, New On The Used Aircraft Market

Listed here are aircraft that have recently been placed on the market for sale. In general they have been listed for sale by an aircraft dealer or broker that pays one or more listing services. The below list of aircraft for sale was created by keeping track of aircraft that are listed on any of the major listing services. When an aircraft is listed it generally shows up here in less than 24 hours. New Aircraft on Used Market Feed

Aircraft Recently New on Market
1. 1990 800 AH A 8673 Call 258173 N43JR 941-355-5353
International Aircraft Marketing & S
2. 2014 Citation CJ3 +H A 1500 Call 525B-0454 N160BR 310-753-1061
Gunnell Aviation
Single-Engine Piston
3. 1978 PA-32RT-300 Lance II P   Call
4. 1992 Bonanza A36H A 3050 $307,000 E-2738 N8087R
missing phone
Carolina Aircraft, Inc.
5. 1997 Sequoia F-8L FalcoH P   Call I-FMLA +393383471796
6. 2005 SR22-G2 GTSH A 330 $249,000 1689 N321MT 888-566-3686
Lone Mountain Aircraft
7. 2008 SR20H A 1350 $239,000 1940 N587PG 888-566-3686
Lone Mountain Aircraft
8. 2011 Malibu PA46-350PH A 630 Call 4636505 N139LF 888-566-3686
Lone Mountain Aircraft
9. 2011 SR22T GTS G3 TurboH P   Call 2-ZERO +447794501432
Lone Mountain Aircraft
10. 2019 330 LTH P   Call OK-NAT +420777201611
TOMI Invest s.r.o.
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Carolina Aircraft, Inc.