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Aircraft for Sale - New on Market, New On The Used Aircraft Market

Listed here are aircraft that have recently been placed on the market for sale. In general they have been listed for sale by an aircraft dealer or broker that pays one or more listing services. The below list of aircraft for sale was created by keeping track of aircraft that are listed on any of the major listing services. When an aircraft is listed it generally shows up here in less than 24 hours. New Aircraft on Used Market Feed

Aircraft Recently New on Market
1. 2014 SR22T G5 GTS FIKI A/CH P   Call D-EXFB +49 33731 70640
CD Aircraft GmbH
2. 1974 58 Baron P   Call +34609161554
Jesus Diez
3.   SARATOGA II TC %281998 - 2008%29H T   Call N31122 815-479-0402
AKC Aviation
4.   400SLX T   $295,000 N2535X 888-773-4249
WildBlue LLC
5. 1969 F-150 JH P   Call HA-SIS +36202815801
Peter Hajdu
6. 2010 SR22-G3H A 750 $469,000 3669 N112TR 888-566-3686
Lone Mountain Aircraft
7. 1979 Viking 17-30AH A 1333 $64,900 79-30948 N28028
missing phone
Mike Oldenburg
8. 1973 Skymaster 337GH A 3718 $199,500 33701488 N108LS 864-583-5967
Skymaster International
9. 1982 PZL-104 Wilga 35 A P   Call +37129183888
Aivars Pucitis
10. 1974 421B RAM - Fresh A...H A 6890 $118,500 421B0606 N1510G 336-708-3093
Sam Baker, LLC
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