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Aviation Industry Segment Specific Reports for Aircraft Dealers and Brokers and Aviation Professionals

Aircraft Category Reports (See sample below)

Get the latest aircraft for sale listings faster. Have aviation industry segment specific reports for Aircraft Dealers and Brokers and Aviation Professionals in your inbox. Each Category: Jets, Turboprops, Piston Twins, Singles and more are available each morning in seconds rather than hours or individual programming on each listing site.

Save time and money

You'll get the information faster from our automated survey and reporting systems so you and your staff don't have to manually review each web site. You can setup email folders for each of the aviation report types you need and establish rules with your Outlook email application. The recommended structure is illustrated to the right.

The following is an illustration of the folders structure used on Outlook Express. A similar structure could be used with your favorite email application.

More Profitable Deals

This advanced information about the latest Aircraft for Sale can help you stay informed about target aircraft markets allowing you make those buy, sell or hold decisions.

Vendor Reports

The Aviongoo Email Reports include reports for the most widely read and popular websites. More web sites are being added as they become popular. Smaller, but more focused, websites may be added as well. Aircraft advertisements surveyed by Aviongoo are in the public domain and results do not include reports for web sites having restricted access for a registered user. Where registration is required, those aircraft will not be surveyed and reported. We believe this affects less than 2% of the advertised aircraft for sale at any one time.

Search Engine Marketing

Once you have the timely information you need early each day in your inbox, you will have more time to focus on selling to your customers. But, there is more. The Internet is growing and evolving and your competitors are carving out niches on Google, MSN, Yahoo and even smaller search engines. You need to establish your company in search engine results as a recognized expert in one or more aviation market niches.

Just send us an email inquiry to sales@aviongoo.com and we will call or write you to discuss your needs.

The best way to get started is to establish a budget and do some advertising. But, Internet search engine advertising is a whole different animal as compared to print or other media. You will discover that aircraft for sale is a very expensive keyword, but other keywords related to your specific aircraft model of interest will begin showing your targeted advertising near the top. If you are a subscriber to Aviongoo Email Reports we will contact you to discuss your next step into search engine marketing.

I get daily reports all month for the price of lunch for a single day.

My staff can focus on improving revenue and profits.

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