Unaccounted Aircraft State Index

The FAA database of registered aircraft currently is populated with over 60 "states". This includes all 50 states plus various island areas and other two character designated areas (including "XX" for some unknown reason).

Use these links as the starting point to go to your "state" data. In the FAA Master database, the "A" status means, "The Triennial Aircraft Registration form was mailed and has not been returned by the Post Office". Usually this means the FAA database has not been updated because the FAA has received no new data. We hope that is all there is to it. However, the fear since 9/11 is that aircraft are suspect. The fear now is that among over 119,000 unaccounted for aircraft that one of them could become weaponized. The goal is to have as many them as possible be accounted for. The data on the following pages provides a city by state breakdown of the last information for each aircraft. If you happen to know the owner, get them to file their registration update. Links for renewal of the registration are provided.

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Actually this is all kind of silly. What should happen is a small expansion of the FAA master file. Since inspections and associated maintenance repair are required to keep aircraft flying, that is the perfect time to maintain relevant portions of the registration. The maintenance shop can collect and enter the data as part of their service requirement. Even a picture of the aircraft with the tail number could easily and cheaply be submitted to the FAA. A portion of the FAA database would be updated directly by the maintenance shop. Hassling the busy aircraft owners would no longer be necessary.

Government in all its forms should get out of the way of people trying to build a better life for their family and their employee families.