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Two-Views of The Registration Issue

Two-Views of The Registration Issue

The Real Issues Concerning Aircraft Registration

December 12, 2010, Aviongoo.com - We whipped up this link as soon as we heard about the 119,000 "missing registrations" issue. The link will lead you to the supposed problem children in your city. However, do not be too tough on them. They truly have far more important things to do. They do not get paid by the FAA and they can certainly afford the $5.00 in most cases. Except perhaps for that guy that loves to build balloons and would need to pay thousands to re-register his aircraft.

But What Is The Real Problem

We think the real issue is the concept that data-entry of registration information needs to be done by FAA personnel. Why have a staff at the FAA enter data when the data is more accurately entered by parties to the transaction? When an aircraft is bought or sold the buyer and seller and often the aircraft dealer, the lawyers, the banks and perhaps other parties could easily enter the transaction online before the transaction is complete. Congress just needs to pass a law that says that and specify a penalty for each party if that does not happen. Later should anything prove to be fraudulent, the legal system is already set up to address those general types of issues. If an aircraft gets into the air with a transponder code not associated with a registration record in the FAA database - that should become a law-enforcement issue.

How About Periodic Registration Renewal?

Maintenance is mandatory for aircraft according to fixed schedules for each aircraft model group classification. It is just a safety issue. Certainly violations occur. But it is equally certain that maintenance is far more important to the aircraft owner than registration paperwork. The owner does not want to be on an aircraft that crashes. Therefore, when the mandatory maintenance is performed on the aircraft, that is the appropriate time to update the registration information. Congress simply needs to pass a law that says the maintenance shop has to update the FAA database directly when certain types of maintenance are performed. In this day and age, having the maintenance jock take a digital picture of the aircraft with its tail-number prominently showing is not a problem. The upload of the data and picture to the FAA database should take less than a minute of time. They don't even need a camera, the cameras in cheap cell phones offer high-quality digital images today.

By having FAA personnel involved, costs are far higher, data can be weeks or months out of date and accuracy will be one-generation removed from being correct. The only downside I can see is that FAA officials will have to work overtime trying to figure out how to not get their budget cut. Of course that never seems to be a problem in Washington.

Do you know anyone that enters car maintenance data on their own personal PC? NO! But, go to your local car maintenance shop and they can print you a listing of your maintenance work over the last five years. It is the same with aircraft. Buying the aircraft was hard enough. Now the goal for the owner is to make it pay; the goal is not to create a job for himself working free for the FAA even for five minutes.

What About Privacy Issues?

One of the most irritating things Aviongoo must deal with are the aircraft owners that fail to protect their own privacy in the FAA database and then get upset with Aviongoo when they see a Google map directly to their house. Aviongoo serves the aviation business community. That community wants easy access to aircraft owners wherever they may be. We recommend that if privacy of specific data is important to you, then you should not be placing it in the public FAA database. We can certainly sympathize with your concerns for privacy. For some of you, we have seen ages, names of people in your family, medical issues and many other tidbits of your personal life. We really have no idea why you or people on Facebook, MySpace or elsewhere want to expose yourself. But it is your problem to fix. Unlike AMSTAT and JetNet who may collect private data about you via telephone contact or other personal contact, the folks at Aviongoo take no personal interest. The computer software at Aviongoo is written to seek specific data about aircraft and related data such as ownership information. If your private information is discovered, that is only because you allowed private information into a public source.

Some business owners use aircraft and the FAA registration to their advantage. They like to have their business name and address out there. They do not want the privacy. They like the fact the data is public. The facts are simple. When you register an aircraft with the FAA, do not use your home address. Instead use a business address or use a third-party address. You can update your registration at any time. And the current fact is that the FAA would like at least 119,000 of you to do that immediately!

There is a "Contact Us" link on the administrator's FAA web page. Send your cards and letters on this subject directly to the FAA.

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Actions We Are Willing To Take

December 13, 2010, Aviongoo.com - We woke up this morning and discovered our night-crew put up an article on which we take issue. Yes, yes, we know they sent us an email asking for input/review a couple days ago but there is so much going on in our lives we just had not gotten around to it.

We Want The Industry To Fix Our Own Problems

It is the responsibility of the aircraft owners and dealers and other aviation professionals to fix our own problem. We have been working with the FAA for decades and we need to get the job done.

On The Road Today - Get Back To This Soon

When we get back to the office this article will receive our attention. Sorry for the delay, business calls.