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The Next Major Aerospace Manufacturing Superstar Company

The Next Major Aerospace Manufacturing Superstar Company

From Wikipedia, "Aerospace comprises the atmosphere of Earth and surrounding space. Typically the term is used to refer to the industry that researches, designs, manufactures, operates, and maintains vehicles moving through air and space. Aerospace is a very diverse field, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications.

I was just reading some material concerning Textron, the personnel layoffs, the move of manufacturing to foreign countries and the folks being upset about moving all those manufacturing jobs. On the other end of the spectrum is the continued slow sales pace of not only of new and used aircraft, but also housing and other high-dollar purchases.

The fact is that there is "a disturbance in the force". Money is just not what it used to be. The fact is that we must adapt to the new values. And, that brings great opportunity!

Our Children Hold The Key

We have more children at home, not because they want to be home, but because economics determine that they need to be home. Most of the children are too young. Some are helping out. Others are getting depressed because things are not working out like they anticipated. I don't want to talk about any of those. The children I want to talk about are those that are going to use their imagine and limited resources and build The Next Major Aerospace Manufacturing Superstar Company. The children I want to talk about are those that will be selling aircraft from the USA because the Cessna's being built in China are 30% to 50% too expensive.

Who Are They?

First, they are not the folks complaining about the loss of jobs for themselves or their friends. No, these children approaching adulthood have already seen what reliance on a good thing has brought. It has gotten our country to the point of building aircraft, as well as cars and just about anything else we manufacture, at a price that is 50% or more too high. And the critical factor is that our personnel chose protectionism and chose not to improve themselves along the way. Our children have made the same poor choices in school as well.

The children I want to talk about are those that can look past all the bad news and focus on building the new generation of aircraft. They even include the next generation of politicians. Those politicians will start on the local level by insuring that land, buildings and infrastructure exist at affordable prices for small businesses to grow. Those politicians will insure that nothing stands in the way of these independent small businessmen including onerous and unaffordable perks the national government mandates. A small businessman must work alone if otherwise he would be forced to spend 50% of wages for government programs.

The iPhone Generation

The children I want to talk about are those that have an iPhone and instead of thinking of a telephone and Internet device, they instead see the simplistic core of the next generation of avionics. They see a hardened iPhone that can serve as a measuring tool that acts as a defensive aid to identify threats and counter those threats. They see the variations of the iPhone being able to communicate encrypted information in various operational modes to overcome weather, military threats and other iPhone devices that might be attempting espionage or simply trying to listen to the Beatles.

They see the iPhone (or Android or any other small, and especially affordable, capable computer) as the simple device needed to connect to the ground and connect to the passengers on board. They know that the iPhone has destroyed the need for a separate GPS device in their car and they know that such a device can provide navigation in the aircraft they are building. They know the iPhone's cousin the iPad would be the perfect size such that 3 or 4 iPads would provide a phenomenal display for their new aircraft and serve as backups for one another as well as for compromised iPhone avionics devices. They know that flight control and collision avoidance and other systems they have not yet imagined can use these small computer devices off the shelf and in hardened variations to get the job done.

They also know that since 40% to 50% of an aircraft's cost is now tied up in Avionics costs that looking at the iPhone as a starting point is a direct attack on aircraft manufacturing costs in their future.

The children I want to talk about know that a solar component can serve as a battery charger and they know how much charge is needed so that night-flight never needs to be a concern. They know how to design a system such that a power disruption is never a power shutdown. They also know that when the impossible shutdown occurs that systems to prevent loss of life are in place.

The children I want to talk about are expert at finding supplies on Alibaba not because they do not want to buy American, but rather because they want Americans to be able to afford to buy their aircraft.

But Who Are These Children?

They are our children. They are the children that today we continue to teach as if they will be future Wal-Mart employees. They will ignore that concept. They are the children that are capable of learning calculus starting in the third-grade. They will ignore the fact that their teachers are not capable of teaching calculus even though some college gave those teachers a degree. They are the children that draw crowds not because they are drunk or stoned but because they safely launched their homebuilt rocket into space and the local newspaper decided their next launch would be front-page news.

Our Children

Yes, our children. Children of those that complain about the loss of jobs. Children of those politicians that are never able to destroy the tax code that destroyed James Brown and so many other hard working people. Children of former homeowners that have lost their homes. Children of immigrants that will work hard for little pay just to be associated with the next generation of corporate leaders in the USA.


Or, we can just get by. We can be satisfied not being number one. We can stop being an exceptional nation. We can . . .

But there is no need to fear. Our children have it in themselves to regain the character that we have lost. Our baby boom generation has lost its way. Our children will find a way to make it happen once again. I just hope I live long enough to see us back on top.