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Aircraft for Sale - New on Market, New On The Used Aircraft Market

Listed here are aircraft that have recently been placed on the market for sale. In general they have been listed for sale by an aircraft dealer or broker that pays one or more listing services. The below list of aircraft for sale was created by keeping track of aircraft that are listed on any of the major listing services. When an aircraft is listed it generally shows up here in less than 24 hours. New Aircraft on Used Market Feed

Aircraft Recently New on Market
Single-Engine Piston
1. 1988 YMF 5C P   Call 00491738833733
Helmut Müller
2. 1994 CAP-231H P   Call OM-CAP +421910216725
Ralf Singmann
3. 1982 Citation IIH A 8998 Call 0435 N674G 703-361-3330
Emerald Aviation, Inc.
4. 2014 7XH A 1048 Call 219 T7-CBG 480-659-0808
Empire Aviation, LLC
5. 2007 2000EX EASy IIH A 5436 $11,395,000 117 N331HA
missing phone
Hatt & Associates
6. 1966 DC-9-15 A   Call 45797 724-520-1270
Jetspeed Aviation
Light Sport Aircraft
7. 2007 SPORT AIRCRAFT SPORTCRUISERH C   Call N747CC +17087433349
AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales
8. 1958 L-40 META SOKOL C   Call D-EWCN +420723533690
Turbine Helicopters
9. 1959 ME 109 C   Call +41445863630
Boschung Global Ltd.
Twin-Engine Piston
10. 1979 414AH C   Call N812SR +19566861774
McCreery Aviation Co., Inc.
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