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The following HELP information is listed in order of most frequently asked questions.
Welcome LineThe Welcome line appears approximately 1/4 the way down the home page. The line is right-justified. If the line begins "Welcome, Guest.", that means you have not logged in as a member. If your registered name appears instead of "Guest" then you have logged in and have access to the "Maintenance Menu".
Maintenance on
Welcome Line
Click the "Maintenance" link to access the various links that allow you to access functions reserved for members. Some of the functionality provided is only available to Premium Members.
Logoff on
Welcome Line
If you are using a shared PC you should use the "Logoff" link to terminate your Aviongoo session. You may also want to Logoff if, for example, a visitor wants to "Register" or "Login".
Register on
Welcome Line
To become a "Free Member" or a "Premium Member" you first must "Register"as a member. To become a "Premium Member" there is an "Upgrade" link on the "Maintenance Menu". Once you are registered you have access to the "Maintenance Menu".
Login on
Welcome Line
If you are a member and you see "Welcome, Guest." you need to click the "Login" link to enter your security information - email address and password. A successful login is achieved when you see your registered name after "Welcome" instead of "Guest".
Tail NumberIf you want information on a specific aircraft and you know the registration number, enter the registration number and then click "Lookup".
Used Aircraft ListingsThe most used links from the home page take you to Jets, Piston Single-Engine, Turboprops, Piston Twin-Engine, Amphibious Aircraft, Military Aircraft, Antiques / Classics, Light Sport Aircraft, Experimental Aircraft, Agricultural Aircraft, Turbine Helicopters and Piston Helicopters. Those are the "categories" of aircraft Aviongoo places all our indexed aircraft listings.
Aircraft By Manufacturer under
Used Aircraft Listings
Many aircraft manufacturers manufacturer aircraft in multiple categories. In single categories Aviongoo may have several classifications (model groups) for the manufacturers aircraft. Use this link if you are unsure about the "category".
Aviation IndexSometimes folks like to access aviation data other than aircraft information. We have lots of aviation data we have collected as it relates to aircraft and aircraft services and links are provided. Corrections are always welcome from the businesses involved.
Free SamplesUnder the left column "Premium Member Features" are several links that provide demonstrations of those features.
Contact UsUnder "Premium Member Features" there is a "Contact Us" link. Anyone may use that link to ask questions. We answer as quickly as possible (at least 50 weeks of the year).

The rest of the story is currently dedicated to advertising Aviongoo. We would love to hear what additional features you would like to see on the home page. Just click the "Contact Us" link on the home page and give us your ideas.