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m.aviongoo.com Help Information

Many of you have asked questions about the new m.aviongoo.com website (http://m.aviongoo.com). Here's some info for you early adopters and beta-testers. In the future we will turn this into a HELP page for m.aviongoo.com
Warning! If your browser does not store your email address and password in "cookies" for subsequent use on the first page of m.aviongoo.com, you will find use tedious at best. You do not need to enter email or password for 'Tail Number' lookup.

How To Use

There are a few tricks to make m.aviongoo work for you. The first thing you will want to do is put a shortcut on your "desktop". In this case your "desktop" is the screen on your smartphone device. A general example follows follows:

Now, just click on your new Aviongoo button to quickly start m.aviongoo.com. The next step is to enter your email address and password. If you have not guessed by now, the email address and password is the same as your Aviongoo email address and password on the Aviongoo website (http://www.aviongoo.com). If you are not a member yet, the basic membership is free. But, we think most aviation professionals will want to buy a Paid Membership to get the most functionality. Many of the www.aviongoo.com and m.aviongoo.com features are or will be for Paid Members exclusively.

Why m.aviongoo.com ?

We used the 'm' where you normally see 'www' because there is a trend that uses 'm' for just this purpose. We like the trend because 'm' is short and 'm' stands for 'mobile'.

m.aviongoo.com pulls together information query functions that can quickly be used effectively on a small screen device. For example:

The above does not fully cover the outputs possible for m.aviongoo.com. For example, when complete the map feature on Get Nearby Aircraft will provide you a Google Map of similar aircraft to the one you currently have a focus. In that way, if you have a business deal going in a certain geographic area, you may be able to use your time more effectively in situations where you get done early or where you had a late cancellation.

Anyway . . ., that's all for now. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions concerning m.aviongoo.com and what we might do to make it better.